What is Capstone?

Hello, my name is Cameron Baumgartner. I am a senior Interactive Design Major at Maryville University. Some may already be aware, but this blog post informs you (the reader) of what a capstone course is. A capstone is a senior-level college course that is essentially the culmination of all of the knowledge and skill that a student has acquired. It can be quite a bit of work and may lead to a lot of stress, but by the end of it, a wonderful display of skill has been created that future potential employers can admire. This post will mark the starting point of my own progress as I work to complete my capstone project during this fall semester.

Credit to NordWood Themes

As I alluded to earlier, the capstone project that I am currently conceptualizing is meant to help me impress potential employers. My primary goal is to create a project that I feel best illustrates my skills while also showing the work that I would hope to do in the future. I have never worked on a project with a scope as large as this project is meant to have. That being said, I am very excited to try it out because I have seen the capstone projects from students that have graduated before me, and all of them have been quite impressive.

Credit to Hannah Fales

Speaking of impressive, that is exactly what I want my own capstone to be. While I may not possess the exact skill set that would allow me to do some of the awesome things that students have done in years past, I would not want it anyway. My focus is to create a final project that will be more impressive than those previous projects while expanding upon my particular skills. This competitive nature has allowed me to evolve as a designer quite a bit during my years in college, and I am sure it will also serve me well in this scenario.

Credit to Med Badr Chemmaoui

My skill set lies in a few different areas. As an interactive designer, I have experiences in digital design, such as UX/UI design, web design, and animation. However, I am an interactive designer with a focus on graphic design. So while I do enjoy animating and UX/UI, the bulk of my talents lie in things like visual identity, editorial/publishing design, and environmental design. I plan to conceptualize a project that will impress anyone who sees it and stay true to my designer with these skills in mind. I hope you will enjoy tagging along with me on this journey.




Interactive Designer, Part-Time Doodler, Full-Time Daydreamer

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Cameron Baumgartner

Cameron Baumgartner

Interactive Designer, Part-Time Doodler, Full-Time Daydreamer

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